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An all-inclusive yet clearly, for legal purposes, satirical and made-up website for brant brothers sightings, news, gossip, rumors, photos, and other necessaries. Original concept by Scott Indrisek, a slovakian socialite. For legal purposes, written and hosted by someone else entirely.


Dayton, Ohio-based socialite Priona Davis, of the Sham Wow fortune, poses with a wax dummy of Peter II recently unveiled at New York’s Madame Tussauds. “He almost looks alive,” she shrieked, poking a finger into his unfurrowed brow before asking a museum guard to take this portrait for her 890 Instagram followers. Peter II’s dummy is part of the controversial “Young Lions, Let Us Hear You Roar!” exhibition, which also memorializes Bullett magazine’s Idil Tabanca and John Prillimom Jr., the Tampax heir and founder of, the controversial website often described as “like Yelp, but for dudes you’ve fucked.” Critics have blasted Tussauds for stretching the definition of celebrity. “Tom Cruise, J-Lo, Beyonce—superstars,” wrote iconic wax dummy gadfly Hilary Bent. “But who the heck needs to see a life-size facsimile of some chick who backed her SUV over a bunch of disabled kids while peeling out of a Hamptons charity fundraiser back in 2011? Not this reporter.” Indeed, vigilante groups have taken to vandalizing certain of the “Young Lions” statues—Harry’s own wax dummy is currently undergoing restoration after being rendered “anatomically incorrect” by a wild-eyed activist, according to a press release.  

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